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Size 10 Beading Needle Size 11 Beading Needle Size 12 Beading Needle
Size 10 beading needles. Pack of 7. Size 11 beading needles. Pack of 7. Size 12 beading needles. Pack of 7.
Big Eye Beading Needle Tweezers Beading Mat
Price: £2.00
Beading Mat
Price: £3.00
Big eye beading needle. Pack of 1. Tweezers, length 14cm. Beading mat, measuring 30x23cm. Colour may vary from illustration shown.
Beading Tray Flat Nose Pliers Round Nose Pliers
Beading Tray
Price: £4.50
Flat Nose Pliers
Price: £5.00
Round Nose Pliers
Price: £5.00
Beading tray for designing your jewellery, complete with compartments for your beads and tools.  The tray measures 32.5cm x 24cm. Flat nose pliers - measurement 12.8cm long x 5.8cm wide. Round nose pliers - measurement 12.5cm long x 5.8cm wide.
Bent Nose Pliers Long Flat Nose Pliers Side Cutters
Bent Nose Pliers
Price: £5.00
Side Cutters
Price: £5.00
Bent nose pliers - measurement 12.8cm long x 5.8cm wide. Long flat nose pliers - measurement 15.5cm long x 6cm wide. Side cutters - measurement 11.5cm long x 5.8cm wide.
Bead Reamer with 3 Tips Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Pliers Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
Deluxe Coiling Gizmo
Price: £12.00
Premium quality bead reamer with 3 interchangeable tips. The bead reamer will enable you to enlarge bead holes or to file rough edges. The tips can be stored in the handle when not in use. The thick foam handle provides comfort and grip. Nylon jaw flat nose pliers - measurement 13cm long x 5.5cm wide. These premium range slimline pliers are stainless steel with box-joint double leaf springs and comfortable foam handles. These pliers are ideal for working with wire to avoid the risk of marking the wire. The coiling gizmo comes with a table clamp and 5 different sized crank rods. You can use all gauges of wire to make beaded jewellery and other designs.