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Key Pendant - Copper Tone Wing Pendant - Copper Plated Key Pendant - Copper Plated
Key - Copper
Price: £1.00
Wing - Copper
Price: £1.00
Small Key - Copper
Price: £1.00
Copper plated key pendant, measuring 22x11mm. Copper tone wing pendant, measuring 29x9mm. Copper plated key pendant, measuring 26x11mm.
Hamsa Hand Pendant - Copper Plated Compass Pendant - Copper Plated Ohm Pendant - Copper Plated
Compass - Copper
Price: £1.00
Ohm - Copper
Price: £1.00
Copper plated Hamsa Hand pendant, measuring 21x13mm. Copper plated compass pendant, measuring 29x25mm. Copper plated Ohm pendant, measuring 22.5x19mm.
Vine Pendant - Copper Plated Lotus Flower Pendant - Copper Plated Deer Pendant - Copper Plated
Deer - Copper
Price: £1.00
Copper plated vine pendant, measuring 33x16mm. Copper plated lotus flower pendant, measuring 24x20mm. Copper plated deer pendant, measuring 33x19mm.
Eiffel Tower Pendant - Copper Plated Eye of Horus Pendant - Copper Plated Feather Pendant - Copper Plated
Feather - Copper
Price: £1.50
Copper plated Eiffel Tower pendant, measuring 29x13mm. Copper plated Eye of Horus pendant, measuring 32x27mm. Copper plated feather pendant, measuring 45x11mm.
Pendant - Copper Tone Hollow Drop Pendant - Copper Plated Arrow Pendant - Copper Plated
Arrow - Copper
Price: £2.00
Copper plated flower teardrop pendant, measuring 29x11mm. Copper plated hollow drop pendant, measuring 23x12mm. Copper plated arrow pendant, measuring 61x11mm.
Teacup Pendant - Copper Tone Key Pendant - Copper Plated Pendant - Copper Plated
Teacup - Copper
Price: £2.00
Key - Copper
Price: £2.00
Fox - Copper
Price: £2.00
Copper plated teacup pendant, measuring 26x20mm. Copper plated key pendant, measuring 60x21mm. Copper plated fox pendant, measuring 64x33mm.
Japanese Doll Pendant - Copper Plated Birdcage Pendant - Copper Plated Dragonfly Pendant - Copper Tone
Birdcage - Copper
Price: £2.00
Dragonfly - Copper
Price: £3.00
Copper plated Japanese Doll pendant, measuring 34x15x14mm. Copper plated birdcage pendant, measuring 28x17mm. Copper tone dragonfly pendant, measuring 60x50mm.
Rocking Horse Pendant - Copper Plated Tree of Life Pendant - Copper Plated Leaf Pendant - Copper Plated
Oak Leaf - Copper
Price: £3.00
Copper plated rocking horse pendant, measuring 39x32mm. Copper plated tree of life pendant, measuring 50x47mm. Copper plated leaf pendant, measuring 66.5x51mm.
Hollow Heart Pendant - Copper Plated Book Locket - Copper Plated Round Locket - Copper Plated
Copper plated hollow heart pendant, measuring 34.5x35mm. Copper plated book locket, measuring 32x19mm. Copper plated round locket, measuring 45x32mm.
Heart Locket - Copper Plated
Copper plated heart locket, measuring 52x40mm. Inside fits 29.5x26.5mm.