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Silver Tone Heart Key Earrings Silver Tone Crown Earrings Bronze Aeroplane Earrings
Silver tone heart key earrings measuring 47x19mm (excluding earring wire) Silver tone crown earrings, measuring 24x21mm (excluding earring wire). Bronze aeroplane earrings, measuring 22x29mm (excluding earring wire).
Silver Tone Carved Fan Earrings Silver Tone Hollow Heart Earrings Bronze Bird Earrings
Silver tone carved fan earrings measuring 24x17mm (excluding earring wires). Silver tone hollow heart earrings, measuring 16x13mm (excluding earring wires). Bronze bird earrings, measuring 27x33mm (excluding earring wires).
Silver Tone Hollow Drop Earrings Bronze Flower Disc Earrings Bronze Leafy Bird Earrings
Silver tone hollow drop earrings, measuring 24x12mm (excluding earring wires). Carved flower disc earrings in bronze, measuring 38x34mm (excluding earring wires). Bronze leafy bird earrings, measuring 34x31mm (measurement excludes earring wire).
Bronze Chinese Symbol Earrings Bronze Tree Earrings Bronze Tree of Beauty Earrings
Bronze Chinese happiness symbol earrings, measuring 31x24mm (measurement excludes earring wire). Bronze tree earrings, measuring 28x22mm (measurement excludes earring wires). Bronze tree of beauty earrings measuring 42x37mm (measurement excludes earring wires).
Silver Tone Branch Fantasy Earrings Bronze Cat Earrings Bronze Owl Earrings
Bronze Cat Earrings
Price: £4.50
Bronze Owl Earrings
Price: £4.50
Silver tone circle tree earrings, measuring 44x40mm (measurement excludes earring wire). Bronze modern cat earrings, measuring 48x18mm (excluding earring wire). Bronze owl earrings, measuring 42x32mm (measurement excludes earring wire).
Silver Tone Jazz Flower Earrings
Silver tone jazz flower earrings, measuring 46x42mm (excluding earring wire).